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[last updated: January 13 2018]

Legislative Update

legislative update The Florida legislature's session continues. During the subsequent two months, the House and Senate will negotiate a state budget and consider hundreds of bills.

Bills of interest to UFF will be posted to our web site.

Check the progress of the following:

  • HB 7055 - Attack on Instructional Personnel Unions
  • HB 423 - Higher Ed Appropriations
  • SB 1234 - Free Expression on Campus
  • SB 1048 - Senate, Guns on Campus
  • HB 1419 - House, Guns on Campus
  • CRC - Constitutional Revision Commission

Read More ...

Florida Senate: Website
Florida House: Website

[last updated: February 06 2018]

How FIU Spends Its Money - 2017

Spending Street Sign

This report presents an analysis of the trends in Florida International University (FIU) expenditures on faculty and administration personnel for the academic years 2013-14 through 2016-17. Particular attention is given to the changes in the number, composition, and salaries of faculty and administrators at FIU in the context of increasing university expenditures and rising student enrollment, and changes in tuition revenue during the academic years 2013-14 through 2016-17.

Data show that FIU personnel decisions have contributed towards administrative bloat between 2013-14 and 2016-17, expanding the resources devoted to administration at the expense of instruction, research, and service. During this period, administrative personnel hires and and total personnel expenditures have outpaced those of faculty. Furthermore, faculty’s share of personnel expenditures has declined as the share of administration personnel expenditures has increased.

Previous reports were produced in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2014. This report extends the analysis of FIU’s expenditures through the 2016-17 academic year and supports prior findings of administrative bloat at FIU.

[last updated: August 31 2017]

Knowing your Rights and Understanding Common Issues

Know Your Rights

The first e-mail blast of every month will present one topic from the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that affects every FIU faculty member. The creation of this series is the result of a suggestion at our UFF Spring Chapter meeting. It is part of our ongoing effort to inform all faculty not only of their rights under the CBA, but to inform all faculty of the value of being a UFF member. Our CBA is the outcome of years of dedicated UFF Bargaining teams who see value in protecting our rights. Lastly, this is a legally binding agreement and must be adhered to by all parties.

Types of Leave

These are the types of leaves available to FIU faculty.

  • Holidays
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Entitlements
  • Parental Leave
  • Leaves Due to Illness/Injury
  • Annual Leave
  • Administrative Leaves
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Leave Without Pay

This week we explore Sick Leave.

In future weeks we will explore other specific types of leaves.

[last updated: June 18 2016]

Sick Leave


Purpose: To establish policy and procedures concerning employee leaves.


  1. 8. Leaves Due to Illness/Injury
    1. Sick Leave
    2. Job-Related Illness/Injury
    3. Compulsory Leave

Only (a) Sick Leave is in this post. Next week: Job-Related Illness/Injury

  • Full-time employee receives 4 hours of sick leave for each pay period
  • Part-time receives sick leave at rate proportionate to the percent of time employed
  • Personal illness or exposure to contagious disease which would endanger others
  • Personal health care provider appointments
  • Illness/Injury of immediate family including same-sex domestic partner
  • Death of immediate family member including Bereavement Leave
  • If sick leave request exceeds 4 consecutive days or if pattern of absence is documented, FIU may require certification by health care provider for the absences
  • Employee with less than 10 years of service shall not be paid for unused sick leave
  • Compensation shall not be given if employment begins after July 1, 2006
  • Compensation is at the current regularly hourly rate of pay for 1/8 of all unused sick leave accrued prior to October 1, 1973, plus 1/4 of all unused sick leave accrued after October 1, 1973 provided that accrued leave since 1973 does not exceed 480 hours
  • Employee may request in writing that sick leave be retained pending re-employment
  • Payments shall be made in lump sum
  • In the event of death, payment for unused sick leave shall be made to employee’s beneficiary, estate, or as provided by law

See: page 74 of CBA 2015 – 2018 for further information

Grievance chair: Lauren Christos

[last updated: June 18 2016]

Review more of your rights on the Contract Page

The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much

tuition overload logo

BOULDER, Colo. - ONCE upon a time in America, baby boomers paid for college with the money they made from their summer jobs. Then, over the course of the next few decades, public funding for higher education was slashed. These radical cuts forced universities to raise tuition year after year, which in turn forced the millennial generation to take on crushing educational debt loads, and everyone lived unhappily ever after.

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[last updated: October 30 2016]


Join the campaign for the Future of Higher Education

CFHE logo

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education is organized around SEVEN CORE PRINCIPLES that must define quality higher education for the 21st century.

The mission of the campaign is to ENSURE THAT AFFORDABLE QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION is accessible to all sectors of our society in the coming decades. This is a time of great change in higher education.

Visit the CFHE site.

[last updated: October 30 2016]

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